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From the coffee plantations in El Salvador to the streets of Notting Hill

A couple of weeks ago while visiting a pub in Notting Hill we had the pleasure of meeting a lovely mongrel from El Salvador. After asking her owners a couple of questions we were very curious about her story.

Wabbit was found in a coffee plantation in San Salvador in extremely poor conditions, she resembled more of a hyena than a dog. the person who found her decided to take her home and bring her back to health. After a month of treatment and love Wabbit recovered well, growth back all her hair and resembled a healthy puppy.

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“Tish and Aldo” an animal lovers couple adopted Wabbit when they were living in El Salvador, she was estimated to be about six months, with the already given name of Wabbit.

Mongrels and street dogs in El Salvador are given amusing names, they’re called Aguacateros, as they’re animals that supposedly eat avocados or ‘agucate’ in Spanish off the trees. Once you adopt a street dog and bring it home, they’re upgraded to Aguaca-terrier.

“Tish and Aldo” lived in El Salvador for two years with Wabbit and then decided to move to London. As part of their preparation work to move Wabbit, Aldo had to micro-chipped her, and checked the various vaccinations and tests she needed done. It was a long trip and Wabbit travel for more than 24 hours. She took a flight from El Salvador-Amsterdam-Milan and then a road trip to London.

Luck was on Wabbit’s side. A dog that was found half dead in a San Salvadorean coffee plantation and now plays in the public parks of Milan and London, walk the mountains of northern Italy and wanders around the pubs of Notting Hill and Primrose Hill looking fabulous with her enormous ears.

Thanks to Tish and Aldo and after a big struggle Wabbit is a healthy and happy gorgeous dog.


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The Buddhist Attitude towards Animal Life

Animals are said to be conscious only of the present. They live with no concern for the past or future. Likewise, little children seem to have no notion of the future. They also live in the present until their faculties of memory and imagination are developed.

Lucky those animals who live surrounded by Budas.

Men possesses the faculty of reasoning. The gap between man and animal widens only to the extent that man develops his reasoning faculty and acts accordingly. Buddhists accept that animals not only possesses instinctive power but also, to a lesser degree, thinking power.

In some respects, animals are superior to men. Dogs have a keener sense of hearing; insects have a keener sense of smell; hawks are speedier; eagles can see a greater distance. Undoubtedly, men are wiser; but men have so much to learn from the ants and bees. Much of the animal is still in us. But we also have much more: we have the potential of spiritual development.

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Mongrels in New Zealand learn how to drive

If you are looking for a driver and live in New Zealand adopt a mongrel!!

"Porter" the driver dog behind the wheel

“Porter” the driver dog behind the wheel

To increase pet adoptions from animal shelters Auckland SPCA came up with the initiative of training three cross-breed rescue dogs to drive a modified mini car as a way of proving that even unwanted canines can be taught to perform complex tasks.

The motorized mutts — Porter, Monty and Ginny — were trained for three months to sit behind the wheel and operate with their paws the changing gear, accelerator and brakes.

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Viewing Cute Images of baby animals Promotes a Careful Behavior and Narrows Attentional Focus

MOTW came across a very interesting research that indicates that looking at pictures of baby animals could improve your concentration and focus. That is what a study by researchers at the University of Hiroshima in Japan published in PLOS ONE suggest. The Japanese researchers based his study on previous discoveries which suggested that people who looked at cute pictures of animals were able to focus on tough skill tasks better than people who hadn’t. The scientists who carried the earlier study showed that looking at something cute would cause people to behave more carefully – a natural response intended to make sure people handled babies safely.

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The pleasures for English mongrels

In the UK dogs and other pets are not normally alloweeed into restaurants and cafes because of our health and safety regulations. Fortunatelly things are changing  and dog friendly places are becoming very popular nowadays. We’ve heard of restaurantes and hotels welcoming dogs but we were quite surprised with a sandwiche shop in London welcoming mongrels especially.

Walking by St Pauls Cathedral, one of our Mongrels of the World lovers came across this brilliant sing outside a cafe. We wished more places in the world would accept dogs – especially mongrels.

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Mongrels of the World – Our contribution to the doggie world

Mongrels of the World would like to share with you, mongrel lovers, what we have been doing lately to help mongrels around the world.

When we created this blog, a year ago we did it with the aim of just sharing nice pictures and funny stories. But with time we started thinking that we wanted to do something good to help struggling dogs.

For this reason we designed a 2012 calendar which we sold to raise funds for Soi Dog, an organisation in Thailand which helps neglected dogs.

The sale of the calendars was a succes and we managed to raise £455/$715 profit in the US and the UK which we sent to them.

Soi Dog have acknowledged this here:

Working for all the Mongrels of the World

Also, thanks to our beloved Macedonian friend Maya Epstein and her lovely dog Maxi Epstein, MOTW came across an organisation in Macedonia called Anima Mundi. We suggested to them to use the MOTW 2012 calendar to raise funds.

After translating the calendar into Macedonian and struggling to find a printer in Macedonia, Maya and Maxi kindly donated 100 calendars to them which they sold succesfully.

Here are some words from Anima Mundi:

As the first calendar featuring homeless dogs to be ever printed in Macedonia, it attracted a great deal of attention and helped change public perceptions of the homeless animals. Through the wonderful photographs, the calendar told the story of the lives of homeless animals over the world, highlighting the desperate need of these poor souls for a warm home where they will be loved and cared for.

With the help from the sales of the calendars we managed to collect funds to provide treatment and food for many street dogs as well as few cats – some of which are featured in the photographs below.

So along with the pictures of some of the animals that received a second chance in life due to your generosity, we express our gratitude to you – Juliana, Maya as well as to all other friends to MOTW, for having shown that where there is genuine, enduring and sincere desire, the possibilities to lend a hand to others are endless.

Enormous thanks from the animal lovers of Macedonia and the activists for protection of animals, Anima Mundi.

Letter from Anima Mundi in Macedonia

Mongrels of the World feel extremely happy for having helped the street dogs of Thailand and Macedonia. This doesn’t stop here. We want to keep working on ideas to raise money for more organisations around the world. Without you mongrel lovers this could not have been possible.

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Should more offices allowed dogs?

Nowadays more and more offices are realising the benefits of allowing dogs in the workplace.

A recent study from Central Michigan University revealed that benefits include increased morale and productivity, happier employees, lower absenteeism rates, and even improved relationships among co-workers.

MOTW recently visited the Huffington Post/AOL offices in London where lucky employees are allowed to bring their dogs into work.

Tilly at the Huffington Post/AOL offices in London

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