Viewing Cute Images of baby animals Promotes a Careful Behavior and Narrows Attentional Focus

MOTW came across a very interesting research that indicates that looking at pictures of baby animals could improve your concentration and focus. That is what a study by researchers at the University of Hiroshima in Japan published in PLOS ONE suggest. The Japanese researchers based his study on previous discoveries which suggested that people who looked at cute pictures of animals were able to focus on tough skill tasks better than people who hadn’t. The scientists who carried the earlier study showed that looking at something cute would cause people to behave more carefully – a natural response intended to make sure people handled babies safely.

In order to study this effect more carefully, the Japanese researchers performed some experiments. In all the experiments, people who looked at pictures of cute baby animals outperformed people who looked at pictures of adult animals and people who looked at neutral objects. This led the researchers to conclude that the earlier findings had been replicated.

So if you need to concentrate on an upcoming task, here you have another great picture of a cute mongrel. It was taken by a 6 years old mongrel lover girl in Irun Spain. Her dad who is a permanent MOTW contributor wanted to share this beautiful picture with you all mongrel lovers.

Baby Mongrel in Irun Spain

Baby Mongrel in Irun Spain


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