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The beauty of the Colombian canine mixed races

For Mongrels of the World it is always a pleasure travelling to Colombia and seeing the huge amount of mongrels living on the streets of the capital city as well as the countryside. Although the street dogs represent a problem in some areas of the country the majority of them look in very good shape and people seem to look after them. It is also becoming more popular for people in this part of the world to adopt a street dog. We came across many people who had decided to share their lives with a struggling animal and were very pleased with all the love and happiness the street dog brought into their lives. We are looking forward to going back to this beautiful country and hearing some more nice stories of people adopting mongrels.

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Colombia’s canine flood victims are in deep water

With the recent tragedy of widespread flooding in Colombia thousands of people and animals have been left with nothing.  Valeria Martin Ethology Foundation has rescued a huge amount of dogs and are looking for people to take them into adoption. If you are interested in adopting a dog or helping this organization with donations in kind or cash please contact Andres Varon on 320 461 4823.

Mongrel adopted from the foundation

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