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Merry Christmas from all the mongrels of the world

Merry Christmas to all our lovely readers. We hope we can continue raising the voice for those that cannot speak for themselves and making the world a better place for our four legged friends. Best wishes and all the best for the year to come from Mongrels of the World.

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A great example of how far dog loyalty can go

This story has astonished Mongrels of the World. A stray dog in Russia remained beside the lifeless body of his female dog friend in temperatures below 50 degrees for more than two weeks.

The loyal dog refuses to leave his dead friend

The dog has been trying to warm up his friend’s body and he has been celebrated as a true hero on Internet forums.

Not long after the story was posted online, Animal lovers started bringing food to the dog. Later, they decided to take him to a shelter until new owners could be found, fearing he might die of cold.

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