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The Buddhist Attitude towards Animal Life

Animals are said to be conscious only of the present. They live with no concern for the past or future. Likewise, little children seem to have no notion of the future. They also live in the present until their faculties of memory and imagination are developed.

Lucky those animals who live surrounded by Budas.

Men possesses the faculty of reasoning. The gap between man and animal widens only to the extent that man develops his reasoning faculty and acts accordingly. Buddhists accept that animals not only possesses instinctive power but also, to a lesser degree, thinking power.

In some respects, animals are superior to men. Dogs have a keener sense of hearing; insects have a keener sense of smell; hawks are speedier; eagles can see a greater distance. Undoubtedly, men are wiser; but men have so much to learn from the ants and bees. Much of the animal is still in us. But we also have much more: we have the potential of spiritual development.

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Cute baby mongrels

Hard to believe but these two baby mongrels belong to the same mother. What a pair of beauties! They were found in Mui Ne – Vietnam. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in March 2011.

Vietnamese baby mongrels

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Are you talking to me?

This attentive canine was found in the area of Paharganj – New Delhi.  He was all ears when he realized that someone was taking pictures of mongrels in the street. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Are you talking to me?

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The mongrel that can smile!

The story of this specimen is a bit different to the stories Mongrels of The World has published before.  This animal was given as a present to Guillermo Leon Romero in Manizales, Colombia. Apparently the dog was a wire haired Fox Terrier but the truth came to light when the animal started growing. She was not a pure fox terrier but a pure mongrel. The family loved her so much that they didn’t care about this small fact. The animal is so clever that she can even smile.

The mongrel that can smile

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Thanks God this is not China!

If this picture was taken in China we all know the future of this pretty dog. Fortunately this picture was taken in Udaipur, India where dogs are not part of the diet and where even a pan in the street is a good place for a nap. The picture was the idea of Mauricio Salazar AKA Pistacho and was taken by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Thanks God this is not China!

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Being a mongrel is not easy!

This poor but loyal beauty was found in the back streets of Dalston Junction – London, on one of the coldest and snowiest days of the year 2010. He was accompanying his homeless owner while he was selling the Big Issue magazine. How many of your friends would be with you under those circumstances? The picture was an idea of Catalina Cortes a new mongrel lover and was taken by Christian Turri.

The loyal beauty of Dalston Junction

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