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The mongrel that can smile!

The story of this specimen is a bit different to the stories Mongrels of The World has published before.  This animal was given as a present to Guillermo Leon Romero in Manizales, Colombia. Apparently the dog was a wire haired Fox Terrier but the truth came to light when the animal started growing. She was not a pure fox terrier but a pure mongrel. The family loved her so much that they didn’t care about this small fact. The animal is so clever that she can even smile.

The mongrel that can smile


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Thanks God this is not China!

If this picture was taken in China we all know the future of this pretty dog. Fortunately this picture was taken in Udaipur, India where dogs are not part of the diet and where even a pan in the street is a good place for a nap. The picture was the idea of Mauricio Salazar AKA Pistacho and was taken by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Thanks God this is not China!

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Being a mongrel is not easy!

This poor but loyal beauty was found in the back streets of Dalston Junction – London, on one of the coldest and snowiest days of the year 2010. He was accompanying his homeless owner while he was selling the Big Issue magazine. How many of your friends would be with you under those circumstances? The picture was an idea of Catalina Cortes a new mongrel lover and was taken by Christian Turri.

The loyal beauty of Dalston Junction

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Wise Man

This homeless lives in the streets of Bogota, Colombia with his 31 mongrels. He might not have a family but he has more real friends than many of us. The picture was taken by Juan Felipe Marquez in November 2010. Looking for a real friend? adopt a mongrel!

Colombian homeless and his 31 mongrels!

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Breed: Pinsch Poodle (Pinny Poo)

This magnificent specimen was adopted by Maria Orrego in Bogota, Colombia three years ago. His name is Bicho and he is a mix between Pinscher and Poodle. He was a bit traumatized, fearful and suspicious due to the horrible conditions where he lived his first year of life. Now he is a happy dog thanks to all the love and care Maria has given him. Follow her example, adopt a mongrel !!

Pinsch Poodle

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Greek Poodle

While some mongrels may be glad of their natural warm coats, some others wish they could run joyfully naked under the scorching sun. This ‘Greek Poodle’ was found almost paralysed by the heat in Santorini, Greece in summer 2008, where the temperatures exceed 30 C. The Picture was taken by Viviana Martinez who kindly gave the ‘Greek Poodle’ a bowl of cold water. Follow her example, be nice to mongrels!

Greek Poodle

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Well Prepared Mongrels

Nights in Delhi can get a bit cold. At least that is what these two well prepared mongrels think. The pictures were taken in Pahar Ganj – Delhi by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Prepared for a cold night !

Coat wearing mongrel - Delhi.

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