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The new trend: People falling in love with stray dogs and doing everything to relocate them

MOTW has heard of many cases in the last few days of people falling in love with stray dogs while working abroad or holidaying and then paying a fortune or doing everything to relocate them.

Here are some encouraging, sad and great stories:

The family of Justin Allan Rollins, a dog-loving soldier killed in Afghanistan, have just moved military mountains to relocate a stray dog from Afghanistan to the US.

The dog has been name Hero and it means the earth to the Rollins family.

If you want to read the whole story visit The Washington Post.

Hero - The afghan mongrel at his new home

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A Middle Eastern mongrel adopted by a British soldier in Afghanistan has arrived in the UK to start a new life.

Lucky dog Peg was being looked after by Pte Conrad Lewis, 22, who fell in love with the animal and started to care for it.

Soldiers are normally ordered to shoot stray dogs in Afghanistan because of the diseasses they potentially carry but Pte couldn’t resist adorable Peg.

Pte Conrad Lewis and 'Peg'. Click on the image to view the video at BBC News online. Photo: BBC

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