The pleasures for English mongrels

In the UK dogs and other pets are not normally alloweeed into restaurants and cafes because of our health and safety regulations. Fortunatelly things are changing  and dog friendly places are becoming very popular nowadays. We’ve heard of restaurantes and hotels welcoming dogs but we were quite surprised with a sandwiche shop in London welcoming mongrels especially.

Walking by St Pauls Cathedral, one of our Mongrels of the World lovers came across this brilliant sing outside a cafe. We wished more places in the world would accept dogs – especially mongrels.

In the UK the Kennel Club is currently mounting a campaign to persuade more restaurants, hotels and cafés to let dogs in, “We’re finding that people are deciding not to have a dog because it makes life too difficult,” says Caroline Kisko, secretary of the Kennel Club. “They’re tied by the fact that they can’t take a dog out with them. It’s daft because there’s no law which says you can’t take a dog into a restaurant. But a very large number refuse them entry.” Ironically, French restaurants – for all their chic superiority – rarely turn a hair at dog-toting customers: all canines welcome, is their rule of thumb.

The Kennel Club is also launching a competition to find the most dog-friendly hotels and eateries in Britain and I suspect that The Tempest might well be in the running.


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