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The city of mongrels by Lauren Udwari

Mongrels of the World came across Lauren Udwari and American photographer who travelled around Chile for a couple of months. She took some amazing pictures of street dogs that then turned into a wonderful project. We hope to inspire some animal lovers to take action and help in some way those who can’t speak for themselves.

Please read the rest of the entry and check all the amazing pictures by Lauren Udwari.


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Sleeping Beauty

Who would have thought that this well fed mongrel sleeps like a baby and lives like a king on the streets of  Dharmasala, northen India. This artistic picture was taken by mongrel fanatic Ehud Ambar from Israel.

Sleeping beauty

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Artistic Gallery

These cute mongrels were found in Dharmasala (India) trying to warm each other up during a cold night. The picture was taken by Ehud Ambar from Israel in December 2010. This is what we called pure art!

Mongrels getting warm in Dharmasala - India

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Artistic Gallery

This section has been created to share any artistic pictures of mongrels around the world. MOTW wants to give special recognition to those mongrels who take part in beautiful art.  If you have any artistic picture of a mongrel please send it to

This Mongrel was found at U bein’s bridge – Amarapura (Myanmar) enjoying a beautiful sunset. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in January 2011.

Mongrel at U'Beins bridge Amarapura (Myanmar)

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