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The Buddhist Attitude towards Animal Life

Animals are said to be conscious only of the present. They live with no concern for the past or future. Likewise, little children seem to have no notion of the future. They also live in the present until their faculties of memory and imagination are developed.

Lucky those animals who live surrounded by Budas.

Men possesses the faculty of reasoning. The gap between man and animal widens only to the extent that man develops his reasoning faculty and acts accordingly. Buddhists accept that animals not only possesses instinctive power but also, to a lesser degree, thinking power.

In some respects, animals are superior to men. Dogs have a keener sense of hearing; insects have a keener sense of smell; hawks are speedier; eagles can see a greater distance. Undoubtedly, men are wiser; but men have so much to learn from the ants and bees. Much of the animal is still in us. But we also have much more: we have the potential of spiritual development.

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The new trend: People falling in love with stray dogs and doing everything to relocate them

MOTW has heard of many cases in the last few days of people falling in love with stray dogs while working abroad or holidaying and then paying a fortune or doing everything to relocate them.

Here are some encouraging, sad and great stories:

The family of Justin Allan Rollins, a dog-loving soldier killed in Afghanistan, have just moved military mountains to relocate a stray dog from Afghanistan to the US.

The dog has been name Hero and it means the earth to the Rollins family.

If you want to read the whole story visit The Washington Post.

Hero - The afghan mongrel at his new home

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The city of mongrels by Lauren Udwari

Mongrels of the World came across Lauren Udwari and American photographer who travelled around Chile for a couple of months. She took some amazing pictures of street dogs that then turned into a wonderful project. We hope to inspire some animal lovers to take action and help in some way those who can’t speak for themselves.

Please read the rest of the entry and check all the amazing pictures by Lauren Udwari.


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The beginning of the end of the illegal dog meat trade

Progress Is Being Made – Make YOUR Voice Heard!

Soi Dog Fundation would like to update you on the actions being taken to introduce stronger animal cruelty laws in Thailand and towards ending the illegal dog meat trade.

Ilegal dog meat trade Thailand

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Advantages of owning a mongrel

If you decide to buy/adopt a pet you should know there are many advantages when owning a mongrel.

Several studies have shown that mixed-breed dogs have a health advantage. A German study finds that Mongrels require less veterinary treatment.  Studies in Sweden have found that Mongrel dogs are less prone to many diseases than the average pure breed dog and, referring to death rates, Mongrels were consistently in the low risk category.

Mongrel in Vientiane-Lao

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Breed: Ghengis KHAN-nine

This powerful KHAN-nine was found in Shine Ider – Mongolia. It is believed his ancestors were allies of Ghengis Khan and helped in the conquest of most of Eurasia. He looks friendly and harmless but according to some experts these dogs were brutal and ruthless in the times of Ghengis. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in Augusts 2010.

Ghengis Khanine

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Breed: Pyrenee Aztec

This magestic animal was found in the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico by mongrel lover Luisa Unda from Colombia.  His overall appearance denotes elegance, grace and intelligence despite being a mongrel. Who said that mongrels can’t be sophisticated?

Pyrenee Aztec

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Breed: Viet Bull Terrier

This preciousness was found in Vietnam. He had been adopted by rice farmers in Hoi An and they had designed a tiny hat for the mongrel to be protected against the sun when working in the rice fields. Apparently he is a mix between Pit Bull Terrier and a Vietnamese mongrel. The picture was taken by Mongrels of the world correspondat Ehud Ambar from Israel in February 2011.

Viet Bull Terrier

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Breed: Island Shepherd

These Island Shepherds were found in the Bacuit Archipelago of The Philippines. They were the guardians of the island. Nobody could get off the boat without a sniffing. We heard Swedish tourist Fredrik Stehn had trouble as he tried to go on the island without their mandatory security check. Don’t underestimate mongrels, they can be very cleverer than humans!

Island Shepherd

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Breed: Petit Parisien Hound

These beautiful twins were found on a freezing winter’s night in Paris by Viviana Martinez. A thoughtful homeless woman had adopted this cute pair and was looking after them as if they were her own children. Apparently the twins made it through the difficult winter and now are two gorgeous and healthy mongrels. Follow her example, adopt a mongrel.

Petit Parisien Hound

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Breed: Thai Greedy Retriever

This greedy mongrel was found in the streets of Chinatown in Bangkok. he had eaten so much that he couldn’t even walk. We don’t blame this poor creature. living in the kingdom of great food isn’t easy for a greedy animal. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in March 2011.

Thai Greedy Retriever

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Sleeping Beauty

Who would have thought that this well fed mongrel sleeps like a baby and lives like a king on the streets of  Dharmasala, northen India. This artistic picture was taken by mongrel fanatic Ehud Ambar from Israel.

Sleeping beauty

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Thai beach mongrel having fun!

This friendly mongrel was found on the beach of Koh Lipe in Thailand by Spanish tourists Victor Cid and Veronica Montes, it didn’t take that long for them to discover the mongrel’s favourite activity. He loved being buried in the sand and camouflaged with shapes of sea animals.

Thai beach mongrel having fun!

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Artistic Gallery

These cute mongrels were found in Dharmasala (India) trying to warm each other up during a cold night. The picture was taken by Ehud Ambar from Israel in December 2010. This is what we called pure art!

Mongrels getting warm in Dharmasala - India

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Artistic Gallery

This section has been created to share any artistic pictures of mongrels around the world. MOTW wants to give special recognition to those mongrels who take part in beautiful art.  If you have any artistic picture of a mongrel please send it to

This Mongrel was found at U bein’s bridge – Amarapura (Myanmar) enjoying a beautiful sunset. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in January 2011.

Mongrel at U'Beins bridge Amarapura (Myanmar)

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Big ears special

Big ears are always a plus in a mongrel. The bigger the ears the more beautiful the mongrel, according to some mongrel lovers.  For this reason MOTW would like to highlight some big eared canines that look more like bats than dogs.

Breed: Myanmar Bathound

This magnificent mongrel was found in the countryside of Myanmar (Burma). It is believed his genes came from the Dachshund and Terrier family. What a stupendous mix! His adorable ears make him a very loveable animal. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in January 2011.

Myanmar Bathund

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The elegant mongrels of Udaipur

Being a mongrel does not mean a lack of elegance. These two refined mongrels were found in the streets of  Udaipur India. The mongrel at the back looks like he is ready to take off. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Elegant Mongrels of Udaipur

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Are you talking to me?

This attentive canine was found in the area of Paharganj – New Delhi.  He was all ears when he realized that someone was taking pictures of mongrels in the street. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Are you talking to me?

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Thanks God this is not China!

If this picture was taken in China we all know the future of this pretty dog. Fortunately this picture was taken in Udaipur, India where dogs are not part of the diet and where even a pan in the street is a good place for a nap. The picture was the idea of Mauricio Salazar AKA Pistacho and was taken by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Thanks God this is not China!

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Being a mongrel is not easy!

This poor but loyal beauty was found in the back streets of Dalston Junction – London, on one of the coldest and snowiest days of the year 2010. He was accompanying his homeless owner while he was selling the Big Issue magazine. How many of your friends would be with you under those circumstances? The picture was an idea of Catalina Cortes a new mongrel lover and was taken by Christian Turri.

The loyal beauty of Dalston Junction

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Breed: Indian Terrier

This fantastic specimen was found in an alleyway in Delhi. He loves motorbikes and normally sleeps on one of them. The picture was taken in Delhi by Juliana Velez in November 2010.

Indian Terrier

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Breed: Delhiman Pinscher

This is a perfect example of the rare Delhiman Pinscher which lives in the back streets of New Delhi.  He is a sub-breed of the Doberman family.

The tell tale sign are the ears and the attentive look in the eyes. He has the potential to be a great guard dog.  The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in Nov 2010

Delhiman Pinscher

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