Website uses face recognition to match you with a mongrel

A brilliant webpage which matches your facial features with those of  homeless dogs has had us captivated all day.

The software in action

Using the wonders of digital science takes your picture and then searches its animal archive for the perfect pairing.

All you need to do is use your webcam to take your picture or upload a picture of your face. The application compares your face features with the faces features of the mongrels looking for home.  When the process is complete is shows a picture of the mongrel that is most compatible, including its percentage and gives you all the information about the animal and where you can adopt him/her.

After running the application Mongrels of The World fell in love with the available match. Shame that we are thousands of miles away.

This is a very creative, original and fun idea by The Pedigree Adoption Drive. Well done  and good luck to the mongrels of New Zealand.

Human to canine pairing software


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  1. 1

    M.C. said,

    Haha, are you serious?? I gotta check this out.

  2. 2

    mark said,

    Doggelganger…..that’s bloody genius!!

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