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Members of MOTW

These are the honorary members of Mongrels of the World who have helped in some way with this beautiful project. Thank you mongrel lovers !!

Stephen Hull – UK

Ekta Gurung – London

Pamela Salazar – Colombia

Anita Perez – UK

Marcela Botero – US

Luisa Unda – Mexico

Ana Maria Amador – UK

Angela Bolaños – Colombia

Ehud Ambar – Israel

Viviana Martinez – UK

Guillo Gomez – US

Maria Orrego – Colombia

Santiago Velez – Colombia

Guy Ronen – Israel

Catalina Cortes – UK

Christian Turri – UK

Mauricio Salazar – UK

Camilo Villegas – Colombia

Nicolas Legault – Canada

Kelly Ann Gleason – Canada

Gregory Clerc – France


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