From the coffee plantations in El Salvador to the streets of Notting Hill

A couple of weeks ago while visiting a pub in Notting Hill we had the pleasure of meeting a lovely mongrel from El Salvador. After asking her owners a couple of questions we were very curious about her story.

Wabbit was found in a coffee plantation in San Salvador in extremely poor conditions, she resembled more of a hyena than a dog. the person who found her decided to take her home and bring her back to health. After a month of treatment and love Wabbit recovered well, growth back all her hair and resembled a healthy puppy.

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“Tish and Aldo” an animal lovers couple adopted Wabbit when they were living in El Salvador, she was estimated to be about six months, with the already given name of Wabbit.

Mongrels and street dogs in El Salvador are given amusing names, they’re called Aguacateros, as they’re animals that supposedly eat avocados or ‘agucate’ in Spanish off the trees. Once you adopt a street dog and bring it home, they’re upgraded to Aguaca-terrier.

“Tish and Aldo” lived in El Salvador for two years with Wabbit and then decided to move to London. As part of their preparation work to move Wabbit, Aldo had to micro-chipped her, and checked the various vaccinations and tests she needed done. It was a long trip and Wabbit travel for more than 24 hours. She took a flight from El Salvador-Amsterdam-Milan and then a road trip to London.

Luck was on Wabbit’s side. A dog that was found half dead in a San Salvadorean coffee plantation and now plays in the public parks of Milan and London, walk the mountains of northern Italy and wanders around the pubs of Notting Hill and Primrose Hill looking fabulous with her enormous ears.

Thanks to Tish and Aldo and after a big struggle Wabbit is a healthy and happy gorgeous dog.

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Brilliant app for the furry ones and their owners

Now you and your furry pal can mark their turf, unlock badges and become top dog, with the latest version of the popular Dogbook app.

Poolhouse has launched a new and improved version of Dogbook which includes Foursquare for dogs. you check in at your favorite local haunts so why shouldn’t your dog? Dogbook, the popular canine social networking tool used by over 3.5 million members, has unveiled 15 new features that facilitate deeper connections between dogs – and their owners, too.


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The Buddhist Attitude towards Animal Life

Animals are said to be conscious only of the present. They live with no concern for the past or future. Likewise, little children seem to have no notion of the future. They also live in the present until their faculties of memory and imagination are developed.

Lucky those animals who live surrounded by Budas.

Men possesses the faculty of reasoning. The gap between man and animal widens only to the extent that man develops his reasoning faculty and acts accordingly. Buddhists accept that animals not only possesses instinctive power but also, to a lesser degree, thinking power.

In some respects, animals are superior to men. Dogs have a keener sense of hearing; insects have a keener sense of smell; hawks are speedier; eagles can see a greater distance. Undoubtedly, men are wiser; but men have so much to learn from the ants and bees. Much of the animal is still in us. But we also have much more: we have the potential of spiritual development.

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DOGA – Yoga for dogs

We all know about the benefits of yoga for human’s mind and body what not many people know is that yoga is very beneficial for dogs as well. Studies have shown that with the right guide and postures man’s best friend can improve its ability to obey, its breathing and also can help them to relax.

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Doga’, which is said to appeal to your pet’s natural instinct to stretch, has become a new fad among New York, Japan and US dog-owners who believe it creates a unique bonding experience.

When the idea first originated it was considered a fad, but it seems doga has been steadily growing in popularity.

Dogs take part in the classes either by acting as weights to help balance their owners or by doing some of the moves themselves. As well as a good strech the energy centres and chakras are connected so it’s a deep, loving experience for both.

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Mongrels in New Zealand learn how to drive

If you are looking for a driver and live in New Zealand adopt a mongrel!!

"Porter" the driver dog behind the wheel

“Porter” the driver dog behind the wheel

To increase pet adoptions from animal shelters Auckland SPCA came up with the initiative of training three cross-breed rescue dogs to drive a modified mini car as a way of proving that even unwanted canines can be taught to perform complex tasks.

The motorized mutts — Porter, Monty and Ginny — were trained for three months to sit behind the wheel and operate with their paws the changing gear, accelerator and brakes.

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Viewing Cute Images of baby animals Promotes a Careful Behavior and Narrows Attentional Focus

MOTW came across a very interesting research that indicates that looking at pictures of baby animals could improve your concentration and focus. That is what a study by researchers at the University of Hiroshima in Japan published in PLOS ONE suggest. The Japanese researchers based his study on previous discoveries which suggested that people who looked at cute pictures of animals were able to focus on tough skill tasks better than people who hadn’t. The scientists who carried the earlier study showed that looking at something cute would cause people to behave more carefully – a natural response intended to make sure people handled babies safely.

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The pleasures for English mongrels

In the UK dogs and other pets are not normally alloweeed into restaurants and cafes because of our health and safety regulations. Fortunatelly things are changing  and dog friendly places are becoming very popular nowadays. We’ve heard of restaurantes and hotels welcoming dogs but we were quite surprised with a sandwiche shop in London welcoming mongrels especially.

Walking by St Pauls Cathedral, one of our Mongrels of the World lovers came across this brilliant sing outside a cafe. We wished more places in the world would accept dogs – especially mongrels.

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Mongrels of the World Calendar 2013

After MOTW’s calendar 2012 succes we decided to create the 2013 calendar to help raise money for a special foundation which shares our belief.

Each month features splendid, original photographs of cute mongrels taken by MOTW founder Juliana Velez and Cindy Amey from The Soi Dog Foundation who kindly donated some pictures to this worthy project. No stock images have been used.

Profits will go to The Soi Dog Foundation, a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organisation in Thailand. Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs.

It also campaigns against the dog meat trade and MOTW fully backs their work and wants to show support by helping raise funds through the sale of our calendars.

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Mongrels of the World – Our contribution to the doggie world

Mongrels of the World would like to share with you, mongrel lovers, what we have been doing lately to help mongrels around the world.

When we created this blog, a year ago we did it with the aim of just sharing nice pictures and funny stories. But with time we started thinking that we wanted to do something good to help struggling dogs.

For this reason we designed a 2012 calendar which we sold to raise funds for Soi Dog, an organisation in Thailand which helps neglected dogs.

The sale of the calendars was a succes and we managed to raise £455/$715 profit in the US and the UK which we sent to them.

Soi Dog have acknowledged this here:

Working for all the Mongrels of the World

Also, thanks to our beloved Macedonian friend Maya Epstein and her lovely dog Maxi Epstein, MOTW came across an organisation in Macedonia called Anima Mundi. We suggested to them to use the MOTW 2012 calendar to raise funds.

After translating the calendar into Macedonian and struggling to find a printer in Macedonia, Maya and Maxi kindly donated 100 calendars to them which they sold succesfully.

Here are some words from Anima Mundi:

As the first calendar featuring homeless dogs to be ever printed in Macedonia, it attracted a great deal of attention and helped change public perceptions of the homeless animals. Through the wonderful photographs, the calendar told the story of the lives of homeless animals over the world, highlighting the desperate need of these poor souls for a warm home where they will be loved and cared for.

With the help from the sales of the calendars we managed to collect funds to provide treatment and food for many street dogs as well as few cats – some of which are featured in the photographs below.

So along with the pictures of some of the animals that received a second chance in life due to your generosity, we express our gratitude to you – Juliana, Maya as well as to all other friends to MOTW, for having shown that where there is genuine, enduring and sincere desire, the possibilities to lend a hand to others are endless.

Enormous thanks from the animal lovers of Macedonia and the activists for protection of animals, Anima Mundi.

Letter from Anima Mundi in Macedonia

Mongrels of the World feel extremely happy for having helped the street dogs of Thailand and Macedonia. This doesn’t stop here. We want to keep working on ideas to raise money for more organisations around the world. Without you mongrel lovers this could not have been possible.

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Should more offices allowed dogs?

Nowadays more and more offices are realising the benefits of allowing dogs in the workplace.

A recent study from Central Michigan University revealed that benefits include increased morale and productivity, happier employees, lower absenteeism rates, and even improved relationships among co-workers.

MOTW recently visited the Huffington Post/AOL offices in London where lucky employees are allowed to bring their dogs into work.

Tilly at the Huffington Post/AOL offices in London

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Thanks to Sophy New Yorkers look forward to crossing the roads every day

These days New Yorkers have the pleasure of being helped by a mongrel to cross the street. Sophy a German Shepherd labrador mix, has the duty of  leading the way as kids cross a busy road. She and her owner, Clifford Mealy, are the Greenwich School District’s newest crossing guards. Equipped with her own stop sign Sophy carrys it proudly while kids follow her to reach the sidewalk harmless and happy.

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The beauty of the Colombian canine mixed races

For Mongrels of the World it is always a pleasure travelling to Colombia and seeing the huge amount of mongrels living on the streets of the capital city as well as the countryside. Although the street dogs represent a problem in some areas of the country the majority of them look in very good shape and people seem to look after them. It is also becoming more popular for people in this part of the world to adopt a street dog. We came across many people who had decided to share their lives with a struggling animal and were very pleased with all the love and happiness the street dog brought into their lives. We are looking forward to going back to this beautiful country and hearing some more nice stories of people adopting mongrels.

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Mongrels of the World 2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,500 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Merry Christmas from all the mongrels of the world

Merry Christmas to all our lovely readers. We hope we can continue raising the voice for those that cannot speak for themselves and making the world a better place for our four legged friends. Best wishes and all the best for the year to come from Mongrels of the World.

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A great example of how far dog loyalty can go

This story has astonished Mongrels of the World. A stray dog in Russia remained beside the lifeless body of his female dog friend in temperatures below 50 degrees for more than two weeks.

The loyal dog refuses to leave his dead friend

The dog has been trying to warm up his friend’s body and he has been celebrated as a true hero on Internet forums.

Not long after the story was posted online, Animal lovers started bringing food to the dog. Later, they decided to take him to a shelter until new owners could be found, fearing he might die of cold.

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The new trend: People falling in love with stray dogs and doing everything to relocate them

MOTW has heard of many cases in the last few days of people falling in love with stray dogs while working abroad or holidaying and then paying a fortune or doing everything to relocate them.

Here are some encouraging, sad and great stories:

The family of Justin Allan Rollins, a dog-loving soldier killed in Afghanistan, have just moved military mountains to relocate a stray dog from Afghanistan to the US.

The dog has been name Hero and it means the earth to the Rollins family.

If you want to read the whole story visit The Washington Post.

Hero - The afghan mongrel at his new home

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The 2011 Cutest Mongrel Alive – What a great contest!

MOTW is delighted to introduce Rocco Diogge Mandozzi an adorable three-year old mutt from East Greenwich, Rhode Island, US, who managed to win the 2011 Cutest Mutt Alive. Gorgeous Rocco beat nine other cute contenders in the competition to become top dog after receiving more than 1,000 votes.

Rocco - The Cuttest Mutt Alive 2011

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The mongrel that loved the elephant

Mongrels of the World has learnt that Bella the beautiful mongrel that was best friend to Tarra the elephant has died. Bella came to The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee, in 2004 and since then she developed a strong relationship with Tarra. People at the sanctuary were use to seeing the couple wander around all day long.

Bella and Tarra

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Thai dogs in urgent need of help!

The large population of stray dogs in Thailand is in urgent need of help with the flood crisis the country is facing. Millions of dogs have been left behind by their owners with no food.

In some flood-affected areas, officials from the Bangkok Metropolitan administration are rescuing dogs from local pounds and temples and transporting them north to safer areas.

A Buddhist monk, with his dog and belongings in a basin. Reuters courtesy.

Read more and watch an amazing and touching video.

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Mongrels of the World calendar 2012 – supporting a good cause

Mongrels of the World is excited to announce the release of its 2012 calendar. Each month features truly spendid, original photographs of irresistible mongrels taken by MOTW founder Juliana Velez and her friend Ehud Ambar who kindly donated his time to this project. MOTW has created the calendar to raise money for a special foundation which shares our belief.

MOTW Calendar 2012

Read more and have a look at the whole calendar.

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Louk the famous Greek mongrel – whenever there is a riot he is there

This is Louk the famous Greek mongrel that has become a celebrity after braving the tear gas and petrol bombs of every Athens riot since 2008. Whenever there is a riot Louk is there.

The famous Greek mongrel

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TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall sparks outrage by claiming puppy meat is no worse than a pork chop

TV Chef Hugh Fearnley has caused controversy by claiming he has no objection to puppy farm.

Fearnley-Whittingstall told the Radio Times: ‘In principle, but not in practice, I have no objection to a high-welfare organic puppy farm.

‘You can’t object, unless you also object to the farming of pigs.

‘It’s an artificial construct of our society, a cultural decision, to make pets out of dogs and meat out of pigs.

‘Both animals could be used the other way round – although pigs probably do make better meat than dogs and dogs better pets than pigs. But it’s not a foregone conclusion.’

How could you eat this?

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The TV advert that only canines can hear

Now, a television advertisement will go air that talks only to your dog, using sounds humans can not hear. Nestle, one of the world’s biggest food companies, has made the commercial using a high-pitched sound, like a dog whistle, which is beyond human hearing range. It includes an audible squeak like the sound of a canine’s toy. The advertisment will be screened for the first time in Austria this week, the Daily Mail reported.

Read more and watch the advert here.

The advert targets your dog with sounds beyond the range of human hearing

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Mongrels being trained in the Philippines to become members of the Coast Guard

Street dogs are being trained to become sea dogs.

“Askals”, as they are known in the Philippines are being trained to become certified members of K9 units.

Philippine Mongrels being trained

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The city of mongrels by Lauren Udwari

Mongrels of the World came across Lauren Udwari and American photographer who travelled around Chile for a couple of months. She took some amazing pictures of street dogs that then turned into a wonderful project. We hope to inspire some animal lovers to take action and help in some way those who can’t speak for themselves.

Please read the rest of the entry and check all the amazing pictures by Lauren Udwari.


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The beginning of the end of the illegal dog meat trade

Progress Is Being Made – Make YOUR Voice Heard!

Soi Dog Fundation would like to update you on the actions being taken to introduce stronger animal cruelty laws in Thailand and towards ending the illegal dog meat trade.

Ilegal dog meat trade Thailand

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A brilliant solution for mongrel washing

Let’s forget about the car wash. The new thing is the dog wash.
If you’ve had trouble bathing your pooch, now you can heave a sigh of relief. A new business idea has opened in Leipzig, Germany. A dog washing station which is as a quick cheap way to clean your dog without getting your own house and bathroom messy.

First dog wash station in Leipzig - Courtesy of the Daily mail

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Malawians care for animals – a touching story with a happy ending

Good news for mongrels in Malawi. The Lilongwe Society For The Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA)  is Malawi’s first animal welfare organization and it’s making a massive difference for struggling animals. MOTW came across a touching story with a happy ending.

Chisomo and her four puppies

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Fancy traveling around the world helping animals?

Tanzania, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Jamaica and Romania – these are just some of the great places you could travel and help animals with World Vets.

World Vets is a non-government organisation providing veterinary aid around the globe. Their work spans 34 countries and 6 continents and addresses not only veterinary issues, but also human health issues impacted by animal diseases in developing countries.

Mongrel saved by the World Vets team in Granada, Nicaragua

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Treat your mongrel to a yummy recipe by Ashely Hart

Mongrel lover Ashley Hart wants to share some delicious ideas for your pooches. Why not to treat your dog to a healthy doggie burger or a big pot of wellness?

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Lucky and Ruddy Hart two American mongrels with British citezenship

Mongrels of the World was delighted to meet Ruddy and Lucky Hart, two very fortunate American mongrels living in the UK. We talked to their lovely owner Ashley Hart who wanted to share their story with you mongrel lovers. Enjoy:

Lucky and Ruddy at a wedding

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1,011 mongrels saved from Vietnamese dinner tables

Mongrels of the World is outraged  after hearing that thousands of mongrels were discored by the Thai authorities as they were being smuggled out into Vietnam where they would have been sold for meat.

Police intercepted four trucks packed with animals bound for Vietnam

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The lovely mongrels of the Colombian capital

Millions of stray dogs roam the streets in the suburbs of Bogota, Colombia’s capital. On its last visit to this country Mongrels Of The Morld travelled to Cazucá a place in the south of  Bogota where the variety of mongrels is incalculable.

Colombian mongrel with an elegant pose

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Love at the first sight

How many of us have fallen in love with a mongrel to the point of wanting to take it home? That was what happened to english tourist Debbie Edwards when she saw a mongrel terrier begging for food at a restaurant in Marmaris, Turkey. She couldn’t resist the dog’s look and decided she wanted to bring him home. She paid £3500 to fly him with her and now Hector is living in New Port, Wales with the family.

Hector the lucky turkish mongrel. Courtesy of Metro

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A Middle Eastern mongrel adopted by a British soldier in Afghanistan has arrived in the UK to start a new life.

Lucky dog Peg was being looked after by Pte Conrad Lewis, 22, who fell in love with the animal and started to care for it.

Soldiers are normally ordered to shoot stray dogs in Afghanistan because of the diseasses they potentially carry but Pte couldn’t resist adorable Peg.

Pte Conrad Lewis and 'Peg'. Click on the image to view the video at BBC News online. Photo: BBC

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Dalmatians are not just black and white

For many people dalmatians are just white dogs with black spots but this breed goes much further than that and when the breed is mixed with a mongrel the possibilities are infinite.

Indonesian Mongrel

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Can life get any better? Yoga for dogs

Inspired by dogs that imitate their master’s morning yoga routine, photographer Daniel Borris created some really cool Yoga Dogs calendars and books with different dogs and puppies doing human yoga poses.

Play, bark, breath. Courtesy of Yoga Dogs

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Get ready to date a dog

Date a dog is a new advertisement campaign  for all shelter dogs in Holland who are trying to find good homes. This campaign uses really creative images that catch the eye with unusual images of people interacting with dogs.

This is one of the posters the foundation is using for the campaign.  If you want to know more about the campaign, see the cool images and practice your Dutch visit

Advertisement Campaign - Courtesy of Date a Dog

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Colombia’s canine flood victims are in deep water

With the recent tragedy of widespread flooding in Colombia thousands of people and animals have been left with nothing.  Valeria Martin Ethology Foundation has rescued a huge amount of dogs and are looking for people to take them into adoption. If you are interested in adopting a dog or helping this organization with donations in kind or cash please contact Andres Varon on 320 461 4823.

Mongrel adopted from the foundation

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Website uses face recognition to match you with a mongrel

A brilliant webpage which matches your facial features with those of  homeless dogs has had us captivated all day.

The software in action

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The surfing dogs of California

Every year on the beaches of California dogs get off the streets and into the sea to surf the waves and compete in the Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Comeptition. According to the organizers website each dog had 10 minutes to catch his or her top two waves and is scored on confidence level, length of ride and overall ability to “grip it and rip it.” Winners score the ultimate pet vacation at Loews Coronado Bay Resort and endless bragging rights. If you want to see some of the coolest pictures from this year’s competition visit the guardian online.

mongrel surfing in California.                                                Courtesy of the

Mongrel surfing in California. Courtesy of the

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We salute anyone who loves mongrels. Hello Bangkok mongrels

Mongrels of the World has found a really cool blog about Bangkok’s street dogs.

After reading the posts you’ll get a great idea of the challenges Bangkok street dogs face, and perhaps better appreciate their ability to stay positive during all the hot, dusty days and hungry nights spent scraping out a living in the Thai capital. You can follow the blog at

I'm Back After A Long Nap -- What'd I Miss? Courtesy of Bangkok Street Dogs

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Attention: English mongrels urgently need your help

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is appealing for donations of pet bedding and blankets after a tumble dryer caught fire in a laundry room, BBC News reports. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lesson one: Never mess with a mongrel

This story makes us feel sick. Whay kind of nutter would do this to a dog or any other animal? Remember if you are thinking of messing with a mongrel….DON’T.

The Sun reports that this beautiful dog was found buried alive up to its nose after being shot 40 times- but still miraculously survived.  Horrified police officers saw Star’s face in the ground and when they dug him out, they discovered he had been repeatedly shot with a pellet gun.

Buried Mongrel - Taken from

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Is there a better feeling?

Is there a better feeling than waking up and finding two gorgeous mongrels sleeping on your doorstep? Probably not.

Sleepy mongrels

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A good cause for Bali mongrels

The Bali Adoption & Rehabilitation Centre is a non profit organization that houses over 120 rescued dogs and puppies; they aim to relieve suffering, starvation, abuse and neglect of the street dogs in Bali.
They endeavor to provide medical care, food, rehabilitation, bedding, sterilization, vaccinations and love to all dogs and puppies. In doing so they wish to educate people on how to care and respect animals and provide adoptions services to suitable homes. If you would like to know more about this great project or help have a look at their website. They welcome volunteers!

Courtesy of B.A.R.C

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Mongrels fishing for lunch

These two mongrels were found in Koh Tao – Thailand trying to fish for their lunch. Although many people think fish is bad for dogs some experts reckon that fish is one of the best foods you can give them. It’s great for their skin  and coat, joints and muscles and it’s brain food. If you give it to puppies it can actually make them easier to train. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in April 2011.

Mongrels Koh Tao - Thailand

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Mongrels fight back in China

Great news for mongrel lovers in China. More than 500 dogs have been rescued from being killed for food by our new heroes – Capital Animal Welfare Association an animal activist group in China.

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Advantages of owning a mongrel

If you decide to buy/adopt a pet you should know there are many advantages when owning a mongrel.

Several studies have shown that mixed-breed dogs have a health advantage. A German study finds that Mongrels require less veterinary treatment.  Studies in Sweden have found that Mongrel dogs are less prone to many diseases than the average pure breed dog and, referring to death rates, Mongrels were consistently in the low risk category.

Mongrel in Vientiane-Lao

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Lao-brador Retriever

This lovely dog was found in Luang Prabang – Lao.  According to his owners he is a mix between Labrador Retriever and mongrel. Although he is not pure he keeps one of the main characteristics of this breed, his webbed paws for swimming which are useful for the breed’s original purpose of retrieving fishing nets. This and their subsequent use as hunting companions, gave them the name retriever. This breed of dog is very loving, kind, loyal and compassionate to their master. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in April 2010.

Lao-brador Retriever

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Adopt or help an Indian Mongrel

Why get an Alsatian, a Doberman, a Poodle or a Pomeranian when you can have them all!

Get everything you are looking for in the all-in-one Indian Dog. Indian Dogs have the intelligence of an Alsatian, the tenacity of a Terrier, the loyalty of a Labrador and the speed of a Greyhound – phir bhi dil hai Hindustani!

Indian baby mongrel and mum

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Cute baby mongrels

Hard to believe but these two baby mongrels belong to the same mother. What a pair of beauties! They were found in Mui Ne – Vietnam. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in March 2011.

Vietnamese baby mongrels

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Breed: Ghengis KHAN-nine

This powerful KHAN-nine was found in Shine Ider – Mongolia. It is believed his ancestors were allies of Ghengis Khan and helped in the conquest of most of Eurasia. He looks friendly and harmless but according to some experts these dogs were brutal and ruthless in the times of Ghengis. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in Augusts 2010.

Ghengis Khanine

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Breed: Pyrenee Aztec

This magestic animal was found in the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico by mongrel lover Luisa Unda from Colombia.  His overall appearance denotes elegance, grace and intelligence despite being a mongrel. Who said that mongrels can’t be sophisticated?

Pyrenee Aztec

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Breed: Jack Russian

Found on the outskirts of Irkutsk-Russia. This little beauty is a mix between Jack Russell and mongrel.  Jack Russells have gone through several changes over the centuries and this one is a perfect example. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in August 2010.

Jack Russian

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Breed: Viet Bull Terrier

This preciousness was found in Vietnam. He had been adopted by rice farmers in Hoi An and they had designed a tiny hat for the mongrel to be protected against the sun when working in the rice fields. Apparently he is a mix between Pit Bull Terrier and a Vietnamese mongrel. The picture was taken by Mongrels of the world correspondat Ehud Ambar from Israel in February 2011.

Viet Bull Terrier

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Breed: Island Shepherd

These Island Shepherds were found in the Bacuit Archipelago of The Philippines. They were the guardians of the island. Nobody could get off the boat without a sniffing. We heard Swedish tourist Fredrik Stehn had trouble as he tried to go on the island without their mandatory security check. Don’t underestimate mongrels, they can be very cleverer than humans!

Island Shepherd

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Breed: Petit Parisien Hound

These beautiful twins were found on a freezing winter’s night in Paris by Viviana Martinez. A thoughtful homeless woman had adopted this cute pair and was looking after them as if they were her own children. Apparently the twins made it through the difficult winter and now are two gorgeous and healthy mongrels. Follow her example, adopt a mongrel.

Petit Parisien Hound

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Breed: Thai Greedy Retriever

This greedy mongrel was found in the streets of Chinatown in Bangkok. he had eaten so much that he couldn’t even walk. We don’t blame this poor creature. living in the kingdom of great food isn’t easy for a greedy animal. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in March 2011.

Thai Greedy Retriever

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Vote: for a bit of mongrel fun give us your opinion.

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Sleeping Beauty

Who would have thought that this well fed mongrel sleeps like a baby and lives like a king on the streets of  Dharmasala, northen India. This artistic picture was taken by mongrel fanatic Ehud Ambar from Israel.

Sleeping beauty

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Thai beach mongrel having fun!

This friendly mongrel was found on the beach of Koh Lipe in Thailand by Spanish tourists Victor Cid and Veronica Montes, it didn’t take that long for them to discover the mongrel’s favourite activity. He loved being buried in the sand and camouflaged with shapes of sea animals.

Thai beach mongrel having fun!

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Breed: Peruvian Punk Hound

This staggering canine was found at the temple of Sun – Koricancha (Peru). It is a persistent myth that the body temperature of hairless dogs is higher than other dogs. They may feel warmer due to the lack of hair. According to Peruvian folklore, letting the dog “hug” you is believed to help with stomach pain and other disorders.

Peruvian Punk Hound

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Artistic Gallery

These cute mongrels were found in Dharmasala (India) trying to warm each other up during a cold night. The picture was taken by Ehud Ambar from Israel in December 2010. This is what we called pure art!

Mongrels getting warm in Dharmasala - India

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Artistic Gallery

This section has been created to share any artistic pictures of mongrels around the world. MOTW wants to give special recognition to those mongrels who take part in beautiful art.  If you have any artistic picture of a mongrel please send it to

This Mongrel was found at U bein’s bridge – Amarapura (Myanmar) enjoying a beautiful sunset. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in January 2011.

Mongrel at U'Beins bridge Amarapura (Myanmar)

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Big ears special

Big ears are always a plus in a mongrel. The bigger the ears the more beautiful the mongrel, according to some mongrel lovers.  For this reason MOTW would like to highlight some big eared canines that look more like bats than dogs.

Breed: Myanmar Bathound

This magnificent mongrel was found in the countryside of Myanmar (Burma). It is believed his genes came from the Dachshund and Terrier family. What a stupendous mix! His adorable ears make him a very loveable animal. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in January 2011.

Myanmar Bathund

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The elegant mongrels of Udaipur

Being a mongrel does not mean a lack of elegance. These two refined mongrels were found in the streets of  Udaipur India. The mongrel at the back looks like he is ready to take off. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Elegant Mongrels of Udaipur

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Are you talking to me?

This attentive canine was found in the area of Paharganj – New Delhi.  He was all ears when he realized that someone was taking pictures of mongrels in the street. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Are you talking to me?

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The mongrel that can smile!

The story of this specimen is a bit different to the stories Mongrels of The World has published before.  This animal was given as a present to Guillermo Leon Romero in Manizales, Colombia. Apparently the dog was a wire haired Fox Terrier but the truth came to light when the animal started growing. She was not a pure fox terrier but a pure mongrel. The family loved her so much that they didn’t care about this small fact. The animal is so clever that she can even smile.

The mongrel that can smile

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Thanks God this is not China!

If this picture was taken in China we all know the future of this pretty dog. Fortunately this picture was taken in Udaipur, India where dogs are not part of the diet and where even a pan in the street is a good place for a nap. The picture was the idea of Mauricio Salazar AKA Pistacho and was taken by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Thanks God this is not China!

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Being a mongrel is not easy!

This poor but loyal beauty was found in the back streets of Dalston Junction – London, on one of the coldest and snowiest days of the year 2010. He was accompanying his homeless owner while he was selling the Big Issue magazine. How many of your friends would be with you under those circumstances? The picture was an idea of Catalina Cortes a new mongrel lover and was taken by Christian Turri.

The loyal beauty of Dalston Junction

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Wise Man

This homeless lives in the streets of Bogota, Colombia with his 31 mongrels. He might not have a family but he has more real friends than many of us. The picture was taken by Juan Felipe Marquez in November 2010. Looking for a real friend? adopt a mongrel!

Colombian homeless and his 31 mongrels!

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Breed: Pinsch Poodle (Pinny Poo)

This magnificent specimen was adopted by Maria Orrego in Bogota, Colombia three years ago. His name is Bicho and he is a mix between Pinscher and Poodle. He was a bit traumatized, fearful and suspicious due to the horrible conditions where he lived his first year of life. Now he is a happy dog thanks to all the love and care Maria has given him. Follow her example, adopt a mongrel !!

Pinsch Poodle

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Greek Poodle

While some mongrels may be glad of their natural warm coats, some others wish they could run joyfully naked under the scorching sun. This ‘Greek Poodle’ was found almost paralysed by the heat in Santorini, Greece in summer 2008, where the temperatures exceed 30 C. The Picture was taken by Viviana Martinez who kindly gave the ‘Greek Poodle’ a bowl of cold water. Follow her example, be nice to mongrels!

Greek Poodle

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Well Prepared Mongrels

Nights in Delhi can get a bit cold. At least that is what these two well prepared mongrels think. The pictures were taken in Pahar Ganj – Delhi by Juliana Velez in December 2010.

Prepared for a cold night !

Coat wearing mongrel - Delhi.

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Members of MOTW

These are the honorary members of Mongrels of the World who have helped in some way with this beautiful project. Thank you mongrel lovers !!

Stephen Hull – UK

Ekta Gurung – London

Pamela Salazar – Colombia

Anita Perez – UK

Marcela Botero – US

Luisa Unda – Mexico

Ana Maria Amador – UK

Angela Bolaños – Colombia

Ehud Ambar – Israel

Viviana Martinez – UK

Guillo Gomez – US

Maria Orrego – Colombia

Santiago Velez – Colombia

Guy Ronen – Israel

Catalina Cortes – UK

Christian Turri – UK

Mauricio Salazar – UK

Camilo Villegas – Colombia

Nicolas Legault – Canada

Kelly Ann Gleason – Canada

Gregory Clerc – France

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Breed: Feline Shepherd

This feline canine wanders around petrol stations and garages in Colombia, South America.  He is often mistaken for a Lion and he is called King of the Garage. The picture was sent by Ana Maria Amador another mongrel lover.

King of the Garage

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Breed: Rishi Terrier

This fabulous canine lives by the Ganges river in Rishikesh – the yoga capital of the world.  He is a yoga expert and his favourite position is ŪrdhvaMukhaŚvānāsana (Upward Facing dog). You can see in his face how he is enjoying it. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in Nov 2010.

Ūrdhva-Mukha-Śvānāsana - Upward Facing Dog

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Hairy Angels

We would like to highlight an excellent webpage in Mexico which cares for mongrels.  It is (hairy angels). They have some amazing, cute and clever mongrels looking for a home where they can be loved. If you live in Mexico or know someone who lives there and would like to adopt a hairy angel please spread the word.

Hairy Angels

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Breed: Purchand Collie

His name is Rito Bolaños, he was found almost dead in Mar de Plata, Argentina in 2007. He was adopted by Angela Bolaños (a mongrel lover) and now he lives like a king in Bogota, Colombia. He is loyal and clever. Follow her example, adopt a mongrel !

Rito Bolaños - Purchand Collie

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Breed: Sevillan Poodle

This beauty was found by Luisa Unda in Sevilla (Spain) in June 2009.  Her loving look and smile say it all.

Sevillan Poodle

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Breed: Indian Terrier

This fantastic specimen was found in an alleyway in Delhi. He loves motorbikes and normally sleeps on one of them. The picture was taken in Delhi by Juliana Velez in November 2010.

Indian Terrier

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Breed: Delhiman Pinscher

This is a perfect example of the rare Delhiman Pinscher which lives in the back streets of New Delhi.  He is a sub-breed of the Doberman family.

The tell tale sign are the ears and the attentive look in the eyes. He has the potential to be a great guard dog.  The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in Nov 2010

Delhiman Pinscher

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Breed: Hindu-Hound

This elegant Hindu-Hound lives at Humayun’s tomb in New Delhi. His ancestors belonged to the royal family hundreds of years ago, we reckon. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in Nov 2010.


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Vote: What do you think mongrels love doing?

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Breed: Indian Sheperd

This beautiful mongrel lives in Haridwar, India. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez on November 2010.

Indian Sheperd

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Mongrels looking for home

There are millions of mongrels in the world looking for homes. If you know of any mongrel that is out there looking for some family to love, please send us an email with all the relevant information, city, country,  kind of dog, health condition and picture if possible. We would love to help them to find a place to live.

If you are looking for true love, inconditional friendship, company and loyalty adopt a mongrel !

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Breed: Tibetan Mongrelious

This is a historic moment for Mongrels of the World as we launch the blog with this beautiful picture taken in Tibet in October 2010 by Juliana Velez.

First mongrel of mongrels of the world

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Walt Whitman Quote

I think I could turn and live with animals

I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contained;

I stand and look at them long and long.

They do no sweat and whine about their condition;

They do no lie awake in the night and sweat for their sins;

They do no make me sick discussing their duty to God;

Not one is dissatisfied-not one is demented with the mania of owning things;

Not one kneels to another, nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago;

Not one is respectable or industrious over the whole earth.

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Hello Mongrel lovers

This blog has been created in honour of the mixed breed canines of the world.

We want to share pictures of these beautiful mammals who may not be as gorgeous and clean as other dogs, but as every creature deserves to be loved.

If you have a picture of a mongrel, street dog, mixed canine, chandoso, sarnoso, perro callejero, pastor cafetero, purchand, we’d love to hear from you.

Email your pictures, along with your name, where the photo was taken and why you love mongrels to: and for a bit of fun make up a breed or a name for the mongrel you have photographed. eg, Tibetan Mongrelious.

We want mongrels to be loved.

Juliana Velez, President – Mongrels of the World.

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