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Mongrels of the World – Our contribution to the doggie world

Mongrels of the World would like to share with you, mongrel lovers, what we have been doing lately to help mongrels around the world.

When we created this blog, a year ago we did it with the aim of just sharing nice pictures and funny stories. But with time we started thinking that we wanted to do something good to help struggling dogs.

For this reason we designed a 2012 calendar which we sold to raise funds for Soi Dog, an organisation in Thailand which helps neglected dogs.

The sale of the calendars was a succes and we managed to raise £455/$715 profit in the US and the UK which we sent to them.

Soi Dog have acknowledged this here:

Working for all the Mongrels of the World

Also, thanks to our beloved Macedonian friend Maya Epstein and her lovely dog Maxi Epstein, MOTW came across an organisation in Macedonia called Anima Mundi. We suggested to them to use the MOTW 2012 calendar to raise funds.

After translating the calendar into Macedonian and struggling to find a printer in Macedonia, Maya and Maxi kindly donated 100 calendars to them which they sold succesfully.

Here are some words from Anima Mundi:

As the first calendar featuring homeless dogs to be ever printed in Macedonia, it attracted a great deal of attention and helped change public perceptions of the homeless animals. Through the wonderful photographs, the calendar told the story of the lives of homeless animals over the world, highlighting the desperate need of these poor souls for a warm home where they will be loved and cared for.

With the help from the sales of the calendars we managed to collect funds to provide treatment and food for many street dogs as well as few cats – some of which are featured in the photographs below.

So along with the pictures of some of the animals that received a second chance in life due to your generosity, we express our gratitude to you – Juliana, Maya as well as to all other friends to MOTW, for having shown that where there is genuine, enduring and sincere desire, the possibilities to lend a hand to others are endless.

Enormous thanks from the animal lovers of Macedonia and the activists for protection of animals, Anima Mundi.

Letter from Anima Mundi in Macedonia

Mongrels of the World feel extremely happy for having helped the street dogs of Thailand and Macedonia. This doesn’t stop here. We want to keep working on ideas to raise money for more organisations around the world. Without you mongrel lovers this could not have been possible.

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