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Adopt or help an Indian Mongrel

Why get an Alsatian, a Doberman, a Poodle or a Pomeranian when you can have them all!

Get everything you are looking for in the all-in-one Indian Dog. Indian Dogs have the intelligence of an Alsatian, the tenacity of a Terrier, the loyalty of a Labrador and the speed of a Greyhound – phir bhi dil hai Hindustani!

Indian baby mongrel and mum

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Cute baby mongrels

Hard to believe but these two baby mongrels belong to the same mother. What a pair of beauties! They were found in Mui Ne – Vietnam. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in March 2011.

Vietnamese baby mongrels

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Breed: Ghengis KHAN-nine

This powerful KHAN-nine was found in Shine Ider – Mongolia. It is believed his ancestors were allies of Ghengis Khan and helped in the conquest of most of Eurasia. He looks friendly and harmless but according to some experts these dogs were brutal and ruthless in the times of Ghengis. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in Augusts 2010.

Ghengis Khanine

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Breed: Pyrenee Aztec

This magestic animal was found in the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico by mongrel lover Luisa Unda from Colombia.  His overall appearance denotes elegance, grace and intelligence despite being a mongrel. Who said that mongrels can’t be sophisticated?

Pyrenee Aztec

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Breed: Jack Russian

Found on the outskirts of Irkutsk-Russia. This little beauty is a mix between Jack Russell and mongrel.  Jack Russells have gone through several changes over the centuries and this one is a perfect example. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in August 2010.

Jack Russian

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Breed: Viet Bull Terrier

This preciousness was found in Vietnam. He had been adopted by rice farmers in Hoi An and they had designed a tiny hat for the mongrel to be protected against the sun when working in the rice fields. Apparently he is a mix between Pit Bull Terrier and a Vietnamese mongrel. The picture was taken by Mongrels of the world correspondat Ehud Ambar from Israel in February 2011.

Viet Bull Terrier

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Breed: Island Shepherd

These Island Shepherds were found in the Bacuit Archipelago of The Philippines. They were the guardians of the island. Nobody could get off the boat without a sniffing. We heard Swedish tourist Fredrik Stehn had trouble as he tried to go on the island without their mandatory security check. Don’t underestimate mongrels, they can be very cleverer than humans!

Island Shepherd

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