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We salute anyone who loves mongrels. Hello Bangkok mongrels

Mongrels of the World has found a really cool blog about Bangkok’s street dogs.

After reading the posts you’ll get a great idea of the challenges Bangkok street dogs face, and perhaps better appreciate their ability to stay positive during all the hot, dusty days and hungry nights spent scraping out a living in the Thai capital. You can follow the blog at

I'm Back After A Long Nap -- What'd I Miss? Courtesy of Bangkok Street Dogs


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Breed: Thai Greedy Retriever

This greedy mongrel was found in the streets of Chinatown in Bangkok. he had eaten so much that he couldn’t even walk. We don’t blame this poor creature. living in the kingdom of great food isn’t easy for a greedy animal. The picture was taken by Juliana Velez in March 2011.

Thai Greedy Retriever

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